The initial details

In order to have a clean and simple process, you will be asked to complete an initial form and send us the necessary details. You will also have to agree the terms and conditions so we can act on your behalf to find the perfect job for you.

We will then process all details you are sending us, review against all requirements and all currently available jobs.

If everything is in order, we will contact you to confirm everything with you and advance to the next step.

The interview

This step is essential to the process as it helps us understand what are your goals, who are you and why are you looking for a job in the United Kingdom.

It might sound very official, but the interview is more of a chat to make sure your resume and your details match the person. We will have to assess if your English language skills are enough for the requirements of the specific job too.

The result should be us moving you to the next step and you getting to think about moving to a different country.

The search and the offer

Now we have all we need to start the actual search for the job. We will start contacting the employers for the available jobs and let them know we found the perfect employee.

Once they accept our suggestion and we agree terms we will then make everything official and start formulating a job offer for you.

We will contact you directly to let you know about the great news and send the offer for your review and approval.

Signing the contract

Okay, it wasn't that hard. You now have accepted the offer and the last thing to do is to review the terms in the contract and then sign it.

We recommend you read everything carefuly before agreeing with the contract.

Once signed, return the documents to us and that's it. We will get in touch to organise your trip to United Kingdom. Have fun!

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